The new CIM Kenya community structure

A new model to maximise engagement of the community for the benefit of the community.


The Branch is led by the Governance Board comprising of a chairman and three vice chairmen and is elected by members during Annual General Meetings. The members participate in the management of CIM through the Governance Board with guidance from CIM's head office, United Kingdom.

They are responsible for ensuring the Branch fulfill its mission for current and future members.

They are committed to ensuring expert marketing knowledge and skills are imparted to marketers and maintain excellent marketer professionalism and performance.

The Governance Board is assisted by a Community Board made up of different “Ambassadors” responsible for different work groups.

The Ambassadors can also recruit specific Project Teams to assist them in their various assignments.

The Secretariat

They are involved in the day-to-day running of the branch and is headed by the General Manager.

Our Royal Charter

CIM’s purpose, powers and governance are established by our Royal Charter, bye-laws and regulation. Together they are known as The Constitution.

Like all chartered bodies, CIM is regulated by the Privy Council, a group of advisors to the Queen.  Amendments to our Charter can only be made with the agreement of the Queen in Council, and amendments to our bye-laws must be approved by the Privy Council.

Less than 1,000 Royal Charters have been granted since 1231. Charters are granted very rarely, usually for bodies working in the public interest, such as professional institutions like CIM

Our Board of Trustees

The Constitution establishes our Board of Trustees, who are responsible for the overall governance of CIM and its affairs. The trustees are advised and supported in their work by the following six committees.

  • Membership and the Profession Advisory Group.
  • Learning Advisory Group.
  • Audit and Risk Committee.
  • Appointments and Remuneration Committee.
  • Constitution and Ethics Committee.
  • Disciplinary Committee.